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MASJID institusi pengajian itu penuh; seperti petang-petang sebelumnya. Satu jam sebelum iftar, mahasiswa-mahasiswa; lokal dan antarabangsa beratur mengisi talam dengan nasi dan lauk-pauk untuk berbuka secara berjemaah. 15 Ramadhan dan syukur, mereka-mereka inilah yang sudi mengimarahkan masjid untuk senja; Maghrib. Source: “Lauk apa hari ini?” “Ayam.” “Kurma ada tak?” “Buah oren, buah tembikai?” Celoteh remaja-remaja […]

Lecturers’ method of teaching; is it effective or defective?

        by Juey Adlin Before you go further on reading this article, you might be at a state of irritation after reading the said title alone. Just to be clear first-handedly that this is written from my mere view of perspective from my own experiences I have had studying as an art […]

The Prophet and Her God

The First Revelation Nara is a jaded young woman who happens to meet an eccentric individual in Bangsar LRT Station and was told that she is in fact, a Prophet of God Source: As Nara stepped into the white phosphorescence, the orange blush of the sky was fading, and the streets and buildings were instead […]

Dari Belakang Masjid

          by Syafiq Mazlan MAGHRIB hari itu deras pergi dari siang – memberi laluan kepada malam tampakkan dirinya. Purnama yang kejap suluh kejap rajuk nurnya tinggi di dinding langit. Pungguk yang merindukan bulan terus tenggek bersahutan, penuh pengharapan. Berpayung langit kelam, seantero manusia masih ligat macam gasing dengan urusan kendiri yang […]

TEDxKL 2012 ; Worth of everybody’s time and dime

        by Juey Adlin TEDxKL. That one simple word exclaimed elatedly from a friend’s mouth, drove me to the edge of my seat. I was driven with excitement; I was, beyond words, overjoyed. When I initially found out about it, I couldn’t help but think, “How will I acquire that getaway ticket […]

What a (Muslim) Lady’s Worth

 A poster depicting a woman’s rights in Islam l What are usually the overly famed perceptions of a typical Muslim woman? Some might say she’s oppressed for not being able to ‘express herself’ in fashion terms when all she’s wearing is a black abaya and a niqab to match. Some might say she’s discriminated when she’s not allowed […]

Rise of Baby Dumping in Malaysia

Source: | Baby dumping in Malaysia Another of baby dumping furore did little to surprise the socially-maligned Malaysians. Recent statistics prove that its heinous nature made no difference to implant the preventive thought as the numbers kept increasing year by year. A saddening reality to note that as a self-proclaimed Islamic country, baby dumping […]