Lecturers’ method of teaching; is it effective or defective?





by Juey Adlin

Before you go further on reading this article, you might be at a state of irritation after reading the said title alone. Just to be clear first-handedly that this is written from my mere view of perspective from my own experiences I have had studying as an art student.

Take note that this is simply coming from my own opinion without generalizing to all lecturers. I can assure you, I am speaking this on behalf of my friends whom are currently going through the same experience as I have of having lecturers with different courses who are quite ineffective with their methods of teaching, or in a way, being told a ‘proper’ way to conduct in class.

I have been a university student for almost three years and confidently speaking, only 30% of the lecturers who have taught in those three years are manageably convenient with their teaching methods. The other 70% are somewhat substandard, if I have to put it mildly. It has come to my attention that lecturers are obliged to conduct classes with purely slides.

In whatever courses, slides are to be compelled within the confinements of teaching and learning chambers. Could it possibly be the fact that lecturers are abided to the rules granted by higher ranks that slides are “applicable” in class or are they impartially lazy to earnestly teach students with what they have been practiced to teach with their acknowledgeable professional field?

This baffles me.

In the school heydays, the ideal people I tend to look up to would be teachers.
During those times, they have done a good job to properly teach students to practice language in words and numbers by writing on chalkboard and provide us textbooks that could accumulate our understanding in practicing syllabus in chapters. Time and time again, the routine is quite the same as another year goes by. It is safe to say, it was fairly an effective method for students to be smart with themselves in learning on their own when teachers aren’t there to assist.

Surely, the school days aren’t to be compared with how it works in university but one thing I hoped to be the same is the lecturers’ passion to teach; to make sure students are heading to the right path where they wish to. To be certain, students aren’t falling asleep in class because the most important to have in mind as both a teacher and lecturer, is a good teaching skill.

Yes, I do fairly point out that teaching requires a certain skill. Teaching is what I would say, a way of entertaining to keep the audience up and aroused. Another thing to avoid from happening for certain is for students to fall asleep in class, or leave early due to boredom due to finding difficulties to understand.

(Source : http://campusbasement.com/cornell/brownies/articles/9912/student-suspended-for-getting-professor-entire-class-high)

My question is this; why can’t lecturers be more uplifted in class and passionately impart educational knowledge to students simply because they want to?

If they claim that slides are useful, then yes. I raise both my hands to agree that slides do help at some particular juncture but what is the point of showing slides in class for them to read word by word when students can do that themselves in their own comfort time and space?

Honestly, what is the bloody point?

Moreover, I heard friends of mine demonstrating and explaining what they thought of their lecturers’ way of conducting in classes. For insurance class, I actually thought my classmates and I were the only ones suffering through never-ending slides showing in every class we have ever had but as it turned out, my friends from different courses were mirroring my opinions of lecturers’ methods of teaching.

They themselves said, “It was utterly pointless and I can never understand why I have to attend the class”.

You see there? Not only the teachings are pointless but additionally, it drives students to become idle to attend classes as well. And the lecturers wonder why their classes are decreasing of students as weeks go by!

To clarify, I am not saying that all lecturers are the same but I suppose, based on my experiences, I am coerced to go through the same method and routine over and over again. Frankly, I thought it would be therapeutic to never attend classes ever again and learn things on what I want to know on my own. But we all know that’s not the way things work.

My point in this actual fact is that I hope that lecturers would someday realize sooner or later that slides don’t naturally help in class, honestly speaking. Slides help in a way students can refer back to what they have been taught given that lecturers are given the privilege to give further explanation of what they have been instructed to teach, to provide students the fundamental basics to understand on what they need to know based on the given subjects.

However, reading from slides isn’t an effective approach. Many times I have been given thoughts by friends that when they return from classes, they tell me that they can never put their finger as to what the lecturers are trying to teach.

I do hope there are better and efficient methods than callously read slides when students can do that as well. Being a student is a privilege for me merely because I love learning things I admittedly do not know of. And university is a place where I can find solace in learning new things. Yes, I can do the learning part on my own but at times; you need that certain motivation from older peers with experiences and knowledge.

That’s where lecturers come in.


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