Tune in to My Episode on Hear & Now in Malaysia, BFM 89.9!

Not many would have been given this opportunity to have an episode on BFM 89.9: The Business Station. I came to Hear & Now in Malaysia as an intern, least did I expect that an idea meant for our brainstorming session ended up being tasked for myself and a friend, Lim Yan Yun, or YY to work on it as ‘our episode’.

After 3 weeks of discussions, brainstorming sessions, research, interviews, recording and editing, our show entitled ‘The Realities of Aging Economy’ will finally be aired on BFM 89.9, on the 22nd of August at 730pm.

It has been a wonderful experience to work with the amazingly supportive and thought-provoking team, with the likes of experienced talents guiding us such as our inspirational big boss; Harbir Gill, our bright and perfection-driven producers; Nova Nelson and Tamanna Patel, and not forgetting Lawrence; the minutely detailed sound engineer, for patiently recording our failed attempts to sound like our host-cum-creative director; Kam Raslan.

I’ve been trained to deal with issues analytically and critically in my previous stints with varsity debating and Model United Nations competitions over the year, but my experience with the broadcasting industry has clearly broadened my horizon of thinking. Working on this episode was an eye-opening exposure on how competitive the industry can be, how one’s thinking quality isn’t necessarily exclusive to his CV credentials, but more towards life experience and diversity.

In our episode, YY and I will be discussing on issues pertaining to aging economy and its stakeholders, as well as relevant issues ranging from aspects of retirement age, economic sustainability, post-retirement lifestyle, and preparations towards becoming an aging nation by 2030.

The most challenging part is to incorporate these economical issues into a 20-minute radio episode, while ensuring that listeners’ attention remains intact so that they won’t tune in to a different radio station while the show is on air. Despite the topic being a ‘dry’ one; considering that most of us are not in the ‘age bracket’ to concern so much for this issue, I hope it can still make an impact for us to relate the aging economy reality to our present life.

Be sure to stay tuned to BFM 89.9, this 22nd August at 730pm, with a repeat show on Sunday, 26th August at 6pm. 

Hear & Now in Malaysia is produced in a collaboration by Economic Transformation Program: PEMANDU with BFM 89.9: The Business Radio Station.



Update: Those who missed it can now download it online via this link


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  1. Ikmal · · Reply

    This is awesome. Great job fizzy!

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