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Merdeka & Malaysia Day Special: Malaysia as the Stupidest Country? Who’s to say?

by: Lim Yan Yun So, this ( has been circulating on the Internet. A piece on the state of our country and how it is “the stupidest country on the planet”. Setting aside the author’s America-centric mindset and some sweeping remarks made (i.e: “the retarded standard of Malaysian advertising, of Malaysian creativity, of Malaysian cultural reflection – everything […]

Merdeka & Malaysia Day Special: Out with the Old? Happy Merdeka!

by: Marina Tan Source: For the first time in five years, I didn’t have class decorations and patriotic song performances in school to remind me that Independence Day was around the corner. In fact, I almost forgot that tomorrow was Merdeka- I was just surprised we got a day off from classes. However, this year […]

1001 Merdeka

oleh: Shafiq Mazlan 31 Ogos; lagi – penta-puluh lima selepas 1957. Masih akan macam dulu-dulu juga, kecil sayup-sayup sahaja sukma remajaku berbisik. Dalam kesibukan melayan usia mengenal dewasa, mana mungkin aku dapat nafikan suara hati sendiri. Aku bukan lagi kanak-kanak berhingus yang masih makan bersuap; macam dulu-dulu – tak perlu fikir masalah keluarga, masalah negara, […]