Merdeka & Malaysia Day Special: Malaysia as the Stupidest Country? Who’s to say?

by: Lim Yan Yun

So, this ( has been circulating on the Internet.

A piece on the state of our country and how it is “the stupidest country on the planet”.

Setting aside the author’s America-centric mindset and some sweeping remarks made (i.e: “the retarded standard of Malaysian advertising, of Malaysian creativity, of Malaysian cultural reflection – everything is poorly aped and incredibly shitty” , the publishing of the ‘LGBT symptoms’ by the Education Ministry, “ever-present bullshit haze of hunky-doriness that somehow allows everyone carry along each day as if everything’s cool”);  the author had essentially expressed what many fellow Malaysians here and abroad feel about their own nation – embarrassment, anger, resentment.

In the author’s own words, “And the more I learned about and experienced Western culture, the more I grew ethnophobic– I became quickly dissatisfied with life in Kuala Lumpur”.

Once again dismissing the author’s personal Western-worship mentality, such ethnophobia is not new among those who are aware of the way the country is run. The continual oppression, corruption, greed, manipulation  etc these are evident issues and they fuel the hopelessness of fellow Malaysians.

However, all these issues do not necessarily reflect the absolute quality of our country. It does not change any geographical or (arguably) cultural aspect of the nation. These issues reflect the quality of the system running the country. Bear in mind, most of these ridiculous policies are imposed on, as opposed to them being wholely accepted. Sure enough we are a ‘democratic’ nation, but when such ‘democracy’ is gained at the stake of ignorance and manipulation, there is no democracy.

Optimally, a country’s system should be made up by what the countrymen wants, not by the people tasked to enforce the system. By equating the government as your nation, as your home, you will lose what made it ‘home’ in the first place. If the people wants a country they can be proud of, they deserve it. Yet, such transparency and justice seem a far cry from the current situation. However, as hopeless as the situation can get, it does not defy the rights of the people. It is not easy to get there, especially if we take into account the long history of silent acceptance. Perfection is virtually an impossible goal, but a compromised (as opposed to an imposed) set of values and visions is possible and that could an attainable goal.

Those who are angry at the way some of our fellow men act dismissed their mentality as ‘idiotic’ or ‘stupid’ but they failed to see what was it that brought upon such acts in the first place. Policies which aren’t of equal opportunities, granted rights which led to racial tensions, education systems which are intentionally dumbed down and information which are often withheld; these are external factors which affects the way people act and think. There is a minority privileged enough to escape such factors, but the truth is, there are still many Malaysians who remain succumbed under these ever-growing factors.

It should be noted that these factors can be changed for nothing is permanent.

Those who are aware, those who had the advantage to be educated about what is going on, those who have the capacity to do something about it but had chose to leave and have nothing to do with it, they should be the last to be angry at those who are not aware.

To claim that there lies a responsibility upon those who are aware to ‘fix’ what is going on in the country is to risk sounding like a localised propaganda of ‘the white men’s burden’.

One may ask, who am I to fix it, or who wants fixing, nobody is asking for my help. But, the difference here lies in that this is your country.

If you are dissatisfied with it, you can either choose to do something about it, or you can choose to flee from the situation. Maybe the word ‘flee’ is not the most politically correct term, after all, everyone is entitled the autonomy to do whatever they want. And to assert the word ‘responsibility’, I may come off as taking away that autonomy. Please be assured I am not. I write with the intention of respecting every individual’s freedom to do what they want in regards to the issue.

But, the logic stays.

Source: | Revolution is often sparked by people’s power.

If something needs to be done, someone has to do it. And if you want the change to be in your way, who is the better person to do something about it, but you?

It is easy to condemn and complain when one views as a speculator watching the system makes a fool out of the country, it is always easier to say “you gotta fix this and that” when the dirty job is not left to us. So, really, if you’re not doing anything positive which contributes to a better change, don’t discourage those who are trying or worse, speculate matters which only aggravates the situation.


Down to it, this is our country, this is our land, this is where we rightfully belong. If you choose to make a fool out of it, you have to answer it.


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