Experimenting the Malaysian Society: Project Loli

If there’s any that a flawed social system may give birth to, few would anticipate a fresh vigor of activism; especially among the generation affected by it. While majority of us observe by the sideline (or reading through this), don’t be surprised that people of our age are on the ground, reaching the mass with the unspoken concerns of younger Malaysians.

The informative age that we live in has allowed more of us to voice our grouses. Unfortunately the variety of issues fogging our mind remains at stake.

As the usual connotation goes, who are we to question the status quo?

The lackadaisical and dismissive nature of the doubters often suppress the initiatives for greater public concern, and more importantly; engagements on the core issues affecting us.

A friend of mine, Yiing Huey had done a remarkable job in coming out with a purpose, spreading good vibes..and also simply because it’s fun to materialise your ideas into reality!
I felt that Yiing Huey and her team have suitably resembled this new energy and consciousness that our younger generation are gearing up for. Kudos to WAGO for ‘walking the ideas’ of the youth!

If this is the foundation of progress that we’re building on, I can foresee a better Malaysia; the ideal Malaysia that our forefathers had once envisioned.

* * *

Project Loli was formed to conduct social experiments and document findings in the form of shareable videos that all Malaysians can relate to.

The notion for our 2nd project was simple: to have fun while spreading good vibes. Next, we wanted to attach an identity and purpose to it, so we decided upon the Malaysia Day celebration as its theme. Question is what would be a simple and experimental way to spread the love for Malaysia?

Inspired by Caine’s Arcade and the Coca Cola vending machine, we came up with the idea of a human-operated vending machine that “sells” badges in exchange for hugs; high-5’s or fist bumps to passers-by who put hand-made “tokens” into either one of the 3 slots.

On the 2nd of September, the team hit the streets of Kuala Lumpur Golden Triangle, prepared to bait the curiosity of onlookers. From 5.30pm until 9pm, we situated ourselves in front of two strategic landmarks – Sephora and Lot 10 to give out 200 badges (and more).

In return, we got THIS.

And it was priceless.

* * *

What’s Projek Loli?

Project Loli was formed to conduct social experiments and document findings in the form of shareable videos that all Malaysians can relate to.

The first video, “No Future Here” was inspired by the “Rear View Girls” video which featured model Reanin Johannink and actress Jessie Gurunathan’s gluteus maximus. The objective of our experiment was to see how unsuspecting onlookers would react upon reading the statement: “There’s no future in Malaysia.”

We got all sorts of reactions; a handful agreed, some were on the fence, while a majority disagreed. There was this one chap who even cursed at us from a distance!
Safe to say, most of those we approached still have faith in the country’s future.

No amount of text can replace the fiery moments we captured, so why don’t you have a look at the video yourself?


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