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How Far Can We Agree to Disagree with the Monarchs?

It is not easy to explain to friends from abroad on how our constitutional monarchy system works. For all the Royal Kings Malaysia is blessed with, their powers are largely discretionary and limited by the Federal Constitution. If you are not a Malaysian and are reading this – you are right; why bother having so […]

Why Malaysians Are Struggling to Keep Up with English

Having a curious and talkative sibling around can be quite a handful to entertain. Once when we were visiting my mom’s hometown, my brother was surprised to see that our cousin had set up his phone settings to Malay. “Words like ‘tetapan’, ‘hantar’ and ‘terima’ are funny to say out loud,” he said laughingly. My […]

The Black-and-White of Reverse Meritocracy

“With the power accorded to me, I now pronounce you as an Advocate and Solicitor of the High Court of Malaya.” Only half an hour earlier, I stood at the mercy of the Judge’s discretion; while bombarded with questions that only served to remind me of my lowly position in her Chamber. I was especially […]

Plight of the Voiceless Majority

Young people are easily the most misunderstood population in Malaysia. We have been labelled as greedy, unrealistic, ungrateful, too comfortable — you name it. We are blamed for our poor grasp of languages, inferior soft skills, minimal working experiences, poor grades…and the list goes on. But has anyone ever thought whether it is fair to […]

Di Sebalik Usul Pindaan RUU 355

Suara ahli Parlimen Marang, Abdul Hadi Awang, serak-serak seakan sebak ketika membacakan usul untuk membuat pindaan kepada Akta Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) 1965 (RUU 355) ketika sesi Dewan Parlimen pada 24 November yang lepas. Hadi Awang mengusulkan untuk undang-undang yang sedia ada dinaiktaraf siling hukumannya kepada penjara maksima 30 tahun, denda tidak melebihi RM […]

3 Lessons from Juggling to Host A Global Youth Seminar and a Full-Time Job

30 participants, 14 nationalities, 7 projects, 12 volunteers and a global youth seminar hosted in Kuala Lumpur. Take the context out, replace the numerics, or change the location – the modus operandi is most likely similar for any training programs. From the 30th November to 3rd December 2016, I was in-charge of making sure that […]

Sepetang Bersama Tuan Ambassador

*Penulis sengaja menggunakan rojak bahasa Melayu-Inggeris untuk menggambarkan dinamika Melayu urban di ibu kota. Petang itu panas bahangnya bukan seperti yang biasa aku rasai. Terik mentari terasa sungguh biarpun aku duduk dibalik teduh Royal Golf Club Café. Sengaja aku pilih untuk merehatkan mata di kawasan luar café — pemandangannya lebih menarik kerana berdepani lapangan golf yang hijau […]

Walking “Half the World”: Esfahan

Honk! Honk! A thickly moustached man rolled down the side window of his Peugeot and yelled out ‘“Taxi?” invitingly. He was not the first to have offered us a ride in return for several American dollars since we arrived in Esfahan. I gestured with my two fingers upside down; indicating that we preferred to walk. […]

Measuring Development by Happiness

Day in and day out, more often than not our life follows the same pattern albeit with hiccups along the way. At least for myself and many other Average Joes out there, the equation of life is as direct as “you win some, and you lose some”. Our daily routine demands us to repeat the […]

Roda Pusingan Pendidikan Tinggi

“Hooray! Hooray!” Riang gamatnya pagi itu tatkala tersebarnya berita baik dari kota London. Ahmad, si pembawa berita, terkial-kial memaparkan tweetfeed—yang telah sejak tadi ditelaah beliau—kepada Pak Menteri. “World Champions: Varsity Team from Malasia Defeated Oxford University to Win the Intellect Championship” Pak Menteri tergagap-gagap membacakan paparan berita ringkas tersebut dalam bahasa Inggerisnya yang kurang fasih. […]