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You Either Die a Hero, Or…

A SUHAKAM Human Rights Award recipient’s stance on the Rohingya march in Kuala Lumpur brings us back to the fundamentals of universal human rights. Readers of The Malay Mail Online’s opinion section will no doubt be familiar with Boo Su-Lyn, a SUHAKAM Human Rights Award recipient, and a talented and opinionated writer. On a personal level, I always rated her pieces quite highly, and she was an […]

The Kam Raslan Factor: ASK YOUR QUESTIONS!

Fear of asking. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of being labeled for making mistakes. These are unmistakably the realities of Malaysian classrooms; be it in primary, secondary or heck, even in universities and workplace. Malaysians, as they say, are courteous in nature, but that doesn’t positively entail to our lack of critical insights to […]

Experimenting the Malaysian Society: Project Loli

If there’s any that a flawed social system may give birth to, few would anticipate a fresh vigor of activism; especially among the generation affected by it. While majority of us observe by the sideline (or reading through this), don’t be surprised that people of our age are on the ground, reaching the mass with […]

Tune in to My Episode on Hear & Now in Malaysia, BFM 89.9!

Not many would have been given this opportunity to have an episode on BFM 89.9: The Business Station. I came to Hear & Now in Malaysia as an intern, least did I expect that an idea meant for our brainstorming session ended up being tasked for myself and a friend, Lim Yan Yun, or YY […]