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You Either Die a Hero, Or…

A SUHAKAM Human Rights Award recipient’s stance on the Rohingya march in Kuala Lumpur brings us back to the fundamentals of universal human rights. Readers of The Malay Mail Online’s opinion section will no doubt be familiar with Boo Su-Lyn, a SUHAKAM Human Rights Award recipient, and a talented and opinionated writer. On a personal level, I always rated her pieces quite highly, and she was an […]

New Kids on the Block

In my previous article a week ago, I wrote on celebrity politicians not being a new phenomenon, and drew parallels with mainstream career politicians such as Angela Merkel. As it turns out, in the time since the article was released, a campaign committee has sprung up in support of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson running for President in 2020, and Kid […]

Enough With The Celebrity Leaders, Please

We’ve pretty much hit rock bottom with Donald Trump, so why do we still believe celebrity politicians are the answer? As it turns out, Kanye West isn’t the only celebrity planning on making a bid for the 2020 presidency. Barely 7 months into his tenure as President of the United States, Donald Trump has already launched his reelection campaign, even […]

Doubting TN50 – Time to get Serious

If TN50 really intends to shape the future of Malaysia by turning our aspirations into public policy, it can start by acknowledging that we want a fair and equal Malaysia for all. In his recent book ‘Thank You For Being Late’, author Thomas Friedman eludes to two eternal truths in the U.S. political arena, which […]