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How Far Can We Agree to Disagree with the Monarchs?

It is not easy to explain to friends from abroad on how our constitutional monarchy system works. For all the Royal Kings Malaysia is blessed with, their powers are largely discretionary and limited by the Federal Constitution. If you are not a Malaysian and are reading this – you are right; why bother having so […]

Why Malaysians Are Struggling to Keep Up with English

Having a curious and talkative sibling around can be quite a handful to entertain. Once when we were visiting my mom’s hometown, my brother was surprised to see that our cousin had set up his phone settings to Malay. “Words like ‘tetapan’, ‘hantar’ and ‘terima’ are funny to say out loud,” he said laughingly. My […]

Measuring Development by Happiness

Day in and day out, more often than not our life follows the same pattern albeit with hiccups along the way. At least for myself and many other Average Joes out there, the equation of life is as direct as “you win some, and you lose some”. Our daily routine demands us to repeat the […]

Dear Taxi Drivers and SPAD, Here’s What You Can Do to Regain the Public’s Trust

In this sweltering heat of Kuala Lumpur, the last thing one would want to go through is a traffic standstill—more so if it is done on purpose. Recently, our taxi drivers drove the city temperature through the roof when their self-orchestrated ‘taxi protest’ over the use of ride-hailing mobile applications; such as Grab and Uber, […]

Towards A Free-of-Charge and Merit-Based Public Varsity System

Soon enough, most undergraduate students would be checking-in to their respective campuses; be it in the sleepy town of Sintok, the bustling urban life of Lembah Pantai, or across the South China Sea in Kota Samarahan. It’s that time of the year again when students await nerve-wreckingly for their sponsors to bank in some cash […]

Reversing the Psychology of Classroom Learning in Public Schools

One may say that having an 11-year old gap with your siblings is nothing to shout of, but I have had a rather unique opportunity to observe how similar yet different my twin brothers are when it comes to their personalities. They might share the same values from the almost-always simultaneous exposure to different things, […]

Optimising Malaysia’s Multi-Stream Education System

I grew up knowing no colors. In the mornings of my primary school assembly, we lined up side by side and spoke interchangeably in Malay and English—be it to gossip on that cute new girl in school, or in re-calling van Nistelrooy’s goals against Arsenal…while several others updated each other on their latest collection of […]

Di Sebalik Tabir #SayaZahra: Satu Kerapuhan Pemikiran Mahasiswa Tempatan

#SayaZahra. Ungkapan tersebut semakin kuat bingitnya semenjak-dua ini. Siapa yang boleh lupakan ucapan Zahra yang lantang menyuarakan kegusaran anak-anak muda tentang kenaikan kos sara hidup? Memang tidak boleh dinafikan bahawa keadaan ekonomi semasa semakin dirasai oleh lepasan ijazah yang sentiasa mendahagakan lebihan rezeki untuk dibawa pulang. Penulis sendiri bersetuju dengan gusaran hati saudari Zahra, dan […]

A Night with Kampung Baru’s Addicts

*This article was written for an online magazine run by Malaysian university students in the UK. “Takpe, biar aku belanja. Bang, teh tarik satu!” It felt like any other ordinary nights in Kampung Baru; the occasional blaring honks, the sight of one after another of ketayap-ed pakciks in motorcycles heading towards the nearby Masjid Jamek, […]

I Am A Muslim and I Believe Justice Can Still Be Served Without PAS’ Hudud

*The author is a final-year law student who spends 30% of his law-reading time studying about Sharia’ law at his law school. As the world bids farewell to the passing of Lee Kuan Yew, his legacy of effective leadership and good governance continues paving its way to face contemporary modern-day challenges. The then politically-volatile Singapore […]