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Di Sebalik Usul Pindaan RUU 355

Suara ahli Parlimen Marang, Abdul Hadi Awang, serak-serak seakan sebak ketika membacakan usul untuk membuat pindaan kepada Akta Mahkamah Syariah (Bidang Kuasa Jenayah) 1965 (RUU 355) ketika sesi Dewan Parlimen pada 24 November yang lepas. Hadi Awang mengusulkan untuk undang-undang yang sedia ada dinaiktaraf siling hukumannya kepada penjara maksima 30 tahun, denda tidak melebihi RM […]

Walking “Half the World”: Esfahan

Honk! Honk! A thickly moustached man rolled down the side window of his Peugeot and yelled out ‘“Taxi?” invitingly. He was not the first to have offered us a ride in return for several American dollars since we arrived in Esfahan. I gestured with my two fingers upside down; indicating that we preferred to walk. […]

Warming Up to Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish Community

The long weekend of the 4th of July couldn’t have come at a better time. I could feel my adrenaline surging through my body as I finally had a good reason to cross the Hudson River than just to sit by the Brooklyn Dumbo park and galavanting at the beamy structure of Manhattan Bridge. As […]

Of Harlem and Religious Conviction

“116th Street, Lexington Avenue. 116th Street, Lexington Avenue,” as the rickety New York City Subway train came to a halt. Walking out from the suffocating air of the underground station, the neighborhood doesn’t seem to be any different from New York City’s plenty. But this is no ordinary place for it is the epitome of […]

The Contemporary Challenges of the Muslim World: An Awakening of Islam and the Middle East

*This article was written for my Jurisprudence paper in close reference to the book by Professor Tariq Ramadan entitled The Arab Awakening: Islam and the New Middle East We live in interesting times whereby for the longest period of times since the independence from Western colonisation, the Middle East is undergoing an irreversible democratisation process. Although […]

The Prophet and Her God

The First Revelation Nara is a jaded young woman who happens to meet an eccentric individual in Bangsar LRT Station and was told that she is in fact, a Prophet of God Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/neilperrylondon/5041350723/ As Nara stepped into the white phosphorescence, the orange blush of the sky was fading, and the streets and buildings were instead […]

Dari Belakang Masjid

          by Syafiq Mazlan MAGHRIB hari itu deras pergi dari siang – memberi laluan kepada malam tampakkan dirinya. Purnama yang kejap suluh kejap rajuk nurnya tinggi di dinding langit. Pungguk yang merindukan bulan terus tenggek bersahutan, penuh pengharapan. Berpayung langit kelam, seantero manusia masih ligat macam gasing dengan urusan kendiri yang […]

What a (Muslim) Lady’s Worth

 A poster depicting a woman’s rights in Islam l http://www.islamicposters.co.uk What are usually the overly famed perceptions of a typical Muslim woman? Some might say she’s oppressed for not being able to ‘express herself’ in fashion terms when all she’s wearing is a black abaya and a niqab to match. Some might say she’s discriminated when she’s not allowed […]

Rise of Baby Dumping in Malaysia

Source: http://before-itstoolate.blogspot.com/ | Baby dumping in Malaysia Another of baby dumping furore did little to surprise the socially-maligned Malaysians. Recent statistics prove that its heinous nature made no difference to implant the preventive thought as the numbers kept increasing year by year. A saddening reality to note that as a self-proclaimed Islamic country, baby dumping […]

The Plight of the Hijabi

By: Amira Masri Hijab has become a natural occurrence in today’s fashion wheel. What was once deemed as a headpiece to cover certain areas of a Muslim lady has taken a twist in the vast fashion cycle. Back in my time, the ‘tudung bawal’ was a very famous hijab. Pin it around your head and […]