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Measuring Development by Happiness

Day in and day out, more often than not our life follows the same pattern albeit with hiccups along the way. At least for myself and many other Average Joes out there, the equation of life is as direct as “you win some, and you lose some”. Our daily routine demands us to repeat the […]

Dear Taxi Drivers and SPAD, Here’s What You Can Do to Regain the Public’s Trust

In this sweltering heat of Kuala Lumpur, the last thing one would want to go through is a traffic standstill—more so if it is done on purpose. Recently, our taxi drivers drove the city temperature through the roof when their self-orchestrated ‘taxi protest’ over the use of ride-hailing mobile applications; such as Grab and Uber, […]

Warming Up to Brooklyn’s Orthodox Jewish Community

The long weekend of the 4th of July couldn’t have come at a better time. I could feel my adrenaline surging through my body as I finally had a good reason to cross the Hudson River than just to sit by the Brooklyn Dumbo park and galavanting at the beamy structure of Manhattan Bridge. As […]

Of Harlem and Religious Conviction

“116th Street, Lexington Avenue. 116th Street, Lexington Avenue,” as the rickety New York City Subway train came to a halt. Walking out from the suffocating air of the underground station, the neighborhood doesn’t seem to be any different from New York City’s plenty. But this is no ordinary place for it is the epitome of […]

A Night with Kampung Baru’s Addicts

*This article was written for an online magazine run by Malaysian university students in the UK. “Takpe, biar aku belanja. Bang, teh tarik satu!” It felt like any other ordinary nights in Kampung Baru; the occasional blaring honks, the sight of one after another of ketayap-ed pakciks in motorcycles heading towards the nearby Masjid Jamek, […]

What We Can Learn From Our Forefathers

Reveling in the Thomas Cup fever, rumours say it may be Datuk Lee Chong Wei’s last play in this prestigious tournament. Being world’s #1 badminton player, I believe he not only dreams to clinch a string of titles in his lifetime, but to also pass the baton to the next generation, that they may achieve […]

Empowering Student Bodies‘ Humanitarian Mission – A Paradigm Shift

In light of the recent natural calamities such as the Haiyan Typhoon in the Philippines and the monsoon flood in the Peninsular’s East Coast, our students have been active in mobilising humanitarian missions for the affected victims. The gesture is worth noting as the awareness can only mean the existence of empathy among our future […]

My Soul-Searching Experience of Teaching in Bangalore

Naveeshini Nair is Malaysian student who’s currently doing her pre-medicine course in the US. She went to Bangalore to volunteer to teach, followed by an internship stint to remedy the caste-plagued system in India. Last summer, I went to Bangalore India on a program called Global Social Entrepreneurship with my home institution, The College of […]

The Kam Raslan Factor: ASK YOUR QUESTIONS!

Fear of asking. Fear of getting it wrong. Fear of being labeled for making mistakes. These are unmistakably the realities of Malaysian classrooms; be it in primary, secondary or heck, even in universities and workplace. Malaysians, as they say, are courteous in nature, but that doesn’t positively entail to our lack of critical insights to […]

Experimenting the Malaysian Society: Project Loli

If there’s any that a flawed social system may give birth to, few would anticipate a fresh vigor of activism; especially among the generation affected by it. While majority of us observe by the sideline (or reading through this), don’t be surprised that people of our age are on the ground, reaching the mass with […]